Dealing with the sensitive Bean.

Today we share with you a testimonial we received from a formerly frustrated and heartbroken Mama. We have heard quite a few similar stories about PB customers with Beans who spent everyday uncomfortable in their own skin due to hypersensitivity and who have now overcome those tactile sensitivity issues with the help of our quality clothing. 

We love hearing these inspiring stories of how Peekaboo Beans is helping Beans everywhere! Feel free to always share your stories with us because we LOVE to hear from all of you! Check out the testimonial below from the mother of a previously uncomfortable Bean. Can you relate?.. 

When I imagined having a little girl I thought about how fun it would be to dress her up in cute clothing. I mean, what little girl shouldn't be allowed to wear a frilly top and a cute pair of jeans?! Mine. 

Ever since my daughter was old enough to communicate I have spent countless hours straightening seams, lining up socks, tearing out tags, and ripping off buttons all in an effort to ease her discomfort. We realized that she suffers from hypersensitivity or tactile defensiveness, which makes her everyday life uncomfortable. Just the act of getting dressed for school in the morning took up to an hour and always included lots of tears and frustration from both of us.

Recently, we replaced all of her clothes with Peekaboo Beans and now she knows that everything in her closet is comfortable and getting dressed is a lot less stressful for both of us. Now the only struggle we have in the morning is how to get our underwear to be comfortable. But, as soon as Peekaboo Beans makes underwear…   

- submitted to Peekaboo Beans by a now happy Mama Bean! 

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