Life is good.

Here at Peekaboo Beans we know and believe that life IS good. We are constantly surrounded by amazing people and enjoy the benefits of humor, support, encouragement, accomplishments, hard work and... PLAY!  

So this Thanksgiving we want to share with you our personal THANK YOUS straight from the mouths of our playful team members of the Peekaboo Beans Playground (our head office... of course!)

Here is what some of them are thank for... 

The oppurtunity to be a Mom

My family (this one came up a lot!!)
My daughters birth parents
My community and neighbourhood
My Peekaboo Beans family
My children
My family's health
Spouse who puts up with me (haha!)
Smiles on my bean's faces
A warm place to sleep
Coffee (of course!)
My hubby's sense of humor
My friends
The ability to travel (good one)
Italian food (and wine perhaps?)
That I do something I'm passionate about every day at work
That everyone in my life is supportive of my goals
A family who cares for me
A roof over my head
My awesome job! 
Access to clean water and delicious food
Being able to do what I love every day
My amazing son
The support, love and companionship I get from my husband
My childhood friends
My health
The beautiful city I call home
Pumpkin pie (an absolute fave!)
The ability to be active
Open fields and crunchy leaves
My daughters
Fleece pants
My friends who REALLY care
Chocolate (again)
Hugs from my kids
To live so close to nature
My raincoat
Watching my children sleep so soundly
To have LOVE in my life
An incredible passionate and gorgeous boss!

From our Peekaboo Beans family to yours... Happy Thanksgiving. We hope you enjoy many lovely, playful moments this upcoming weekend.

Why not get your Beans involved this with giving THANKS and showing them how Life is Good! Download our free "Today I am thankful for..." printable and have your Beans fill it out. This is such a wonderful way to reflect on all those special things, moments and people that we are so thankful for in our daily lives.

Click HERE to download and print our THANKFUL printable.

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