Playful Beans and the meaning of LOVE

Ever wonder what the little Beans are thinking when the subject of LOVE comes up?  In their world, what does "LOVE" mean? Ever wonder? We certainly did, so... we asked our Beans. So we would like to share with you, straight from the mouths of the beautiful Beans of our Play Stylists and Playground staff, what LOVE means to them: 

Jax, age 7
To care about someone.
Peyton, age 4
To kiss someone and want them to live forever.
Breanna, age 9
Oh gosh. Ummm, happiness. Fun. Creative.
Ethan, age 5
It's when you have a girlfriend and you go to a restaurant and kiss and then have a baby and then another baby.
Cannen, age 3
Love is when you get a hug and a kiss.
Teaghan, age 7
Kerlinda, age 7
Love is caring for people.  Love is for thankfulness and loving the things you have.
Aiyana, age 5
Being kind, caring and a good person.
Carys, age 2
Love YOU!!

Mieka, age 3
Love means, I love you.

Raine, age 4
Love is happy!!! (he also says he loves his angry birds oh and his baby sister Sterling and you too Maman!)

Lily, age 7
Love is like when you like someone really much.  And kiss too.

Cohen, age 5
Love is "a really good mama snuggle".

Eva, age 3
I love YOU! 

What a bunch of super smart kids!  Be sure to give your Beans extra special hugs this Valentines Day!


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