The Power of Play

One of our lovely Peekaboo Beans Play Stylists contacted us at the Playground and shared this amazing story of her child's courage, inner strength and resilience, which came about just from the simple act of PLAY in a very uncomfortable situation.  It bought tears to our eyes, and we hope that you'll gain just as much from it as we did.  Truly, truly amazing, and reinforces that children NEED to play in order to become happy healthy human beans! 
The Power of Play Testimonial.....
I've recently discovered a passion for "play" and realized how it is so important, and wanted to share my son was medivaced to the stollery (children's hospital) last week with a problem in his bowels that required immediate attention. We were lucky and surgery was avoided but along the way he had to experience a horrible procedure and lots of pain.
When he woke up post procedure he had a big smile for me and started to play right away with his cars. I can't imagine being an adult wanting to play after experiencing that amount of pain! But he was truly happy to drive his dinky cars over the hospital bed. Later on in the surgery unit I took him to the play room. He moved his IV pole around the room like a pro to "play"!! In that short amount of time he found so much joy with all these toys and forgot where he was and why. (Yes I cried!).
I've never been so amazed by how resilient little kids are and how just a simple thing as playing could be so important! Now I know.
-- A Peekaboo Beans Play Stylist
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