Welcome to Endless Summer...

We are so excited we can hardly contain ourselves!! Today, we are thrilled to bring you your first look at the Peekaboo Beans Spring 2013 Collection, Endless Summer which will be available in 12 short sleeps... March 1st.

Channel your inner surfer-dude and beachy keen Bean this season! When you are a kid Summer nights seem to last forever; a time where friends come together to laugh, giggle, and play until the stars shine bright at night. Beach side campfires, sandy toes, warm breezes, and sun-kissed skin are memories that linger long after those endless Summer nights are gone.

The Peekaboo Beans “Endless Summer” collection will have you recalling memories of long hot days, building sandcastles, and digging the deepest hole in the sand that you thought would lead you to the other side of the world! Or, the times when you would bury Dad in the sand, watching the tide roll up around him and giggling all the while. This seasons fabrics are reflective of hippie tie-dye, but are made modern with flourishes of hibiscus, peace, and love all channelling through. The collection features punches of colour that shine bright with the grounding warmth of natural, beachy hues. The Peekaboo Beans Spring/Summer 2013 collection has that California beach vibe, reminiscent of days spent skim boarding, riding big waves, running barefoot in the sand, and flying kites along the shore; truly a special time where kids can just be kids.

Enjoy your first peek of Spring...

Stay tuned, as tomorrow will will bring you your first look at the gorgeous and playful CiCi Bean Spring Collection.

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