Silly moments from the Playground staff

This month our staff at the Peekaboo Beans Playground (that's our head office if you haven't figured it out by now) created a little game of anonymously sharing embarrassing or silly moments that occurred in our lives within the past month.  We found this was a great way to not take ourselves so seriously, to have fun, strengthen our bond and create community within our 4 Playground walls. Some of these confessions had many us rolling on the floor with laughter so we figured why not share our imperfections and crazy moments with you all...


I had a 3 year old tell me my butt stinks.
I wiped out in the parking lot in front of my daughters future school.
Going down into the splits in front of an entire class and not being able to get up.
Watch my best friend get a rather inappropriate male lap dance.
I got my silly on one weekend and ended up at Terynn's house with my lunch box full of diet Pepsi and rye, in my Tupperware container to help sell some vintage beans!
My cat started taking an interest in watching Oasis nature shows and hockey.
My hamster got loose in the house mysteriously and got behind the drywall and ran around in our ceiling. Then the next day was found sitting beside it's cage, high up on a shelf waiting to get in.
I tried to pay with a 20 pound note, in Canada.
Answering "Beyonce" to the question... Do you know who's playing at the Super Bowl?
I couldn't open the door to an all night diner FULL of people.  A lot of people could see me. LOL!
I got showed up by my Dad in a hot yoga class.  It was his first time, and I was the one dying on the floor. 
First, the coin toss came up heads. Then, Joe Flacco threw a pass that was under 9.5 yards.  Then, the first punt of the game was over 48.5 yards. Lastly, there was no score in the first 4 minutes of the second quarter. This series of events led to me winning money.  Isn't that crazy!  I think it is.  (We think it was pretty obvious as to who this one happened to!!)


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