CiCi Bean's Endless Summer!

Happy Sunday everyone! Finally, we are letting the cat outta the bag and are so proud to bring you the first peek at our Spring CiCi Bean Collection, Endless Summer. So, here is your official first look at the Spring 2013 catalog!

The theme of the CiCi Bean Spring/Summer 2013 collection is Endless Summer! The inspiration came from our memories of childhood summers. You remember the kind…where each day is filled with sun and warmth and the summer seems to last forever. There was nothing more fun than getting on your bike and riding to your best friend’s house, spending the day laying in the grass watching the clouds, laughing and talking for hours! Endless summer is all about enjoying the beautiful weather and the outdoors, spending time with friends and family, and opening your heart to store the memories made!

So fresh, so pretty, so fun!

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