Creating a safe environment for our families within our community

As a parent we spend every ounce of our children's lives protecting them and guiding them, so they can make good, safe choices. Whether we are teaching them to not talk to strangers, about our private parts, or looking both ways before crossing the street, we want to make sure we are giving our children the tools to be successful in life. We are now living in a new generation of safety and awareness, via the internet and technology, but as parents in this new generation, we don't know what we don't know. 

Peekaboo Beans mission is to provide ingredients for a playful life. We believe that play is the backbone to learning and development. Playing teaches us about boundaries, it evolves our imagination, it connects us socially, it builds our bodies and expands our thinking. Peekaboo Beans is a stand for unstructured free play so children can learn and grow into happy healthy human-beans. But as technology becomes a driving force in our daily lives, it is sometimes difficult to manage.

When I heard Jesse speak, I hung onto every word, because as a parent in this new world, I want the tools to help my beans grow and flourish. His talk was enlightening and frightening all at the same time, but I felt like this provided me with the education and understanding that I needed to help me make good decisions for my family. Anything from how old should you be before you use a cell phone to how you manage social media in your tweens life - it all creates conversation.
I am so happy that Jesse is going to come and speak to our group of mindful parents and help provide ingredients for a playful life! Please DO NOT MISS this opportunity to learn and grow as a parent!
In love and play,

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We are happy to support Playground Builders and will be donating the proceeds from this event to their wonderful organization as part of our Play It Forward Campaign.  

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