Playful Beans... talking about their Mommies

Ever wonder what the little Beans are really thinking about their MOMMIES? In their world, what is a Mommy for? Ever wonder? We certainly did, so... we asked our Beans. So we would like to share with you, straight from the mouths of the beautiful Beans of our Play Stylists and Playground staff, what Mommies mean to  them:

What do you love most about your Mommy? 

I love when I ask her to buy me something she will get if for me on a special occasion. She takes care of me and I love that she is with me and she loves me. - Kerlinda, age 7

Xbox. - Malique, age 7

Her hugs! - Logan, age 4 1/2

I like everything.  - Kieren, age 4

She always gives me a hug and kiss before bed.- Olivia, age 8

I love playing with my mom. - Cameron, age 6

I just love you Mama. - Raine, age 5

She's nice. - Malique, age 7

Hugging. - Jaedyn, age 4

She makes good cookies for me. - Julia, age 7

Hugging. - J'Nyiah, age 4

She buys me toys. - Ainsleigh, age 8

My mom is kind. - Jax, age 8

She buys me ice cream & slurpees. - Jasper, age 5

Love her kisses. - Peyton, age 4

That she does nice things for us. - Lily, age 7

She lets me snuggle with her. - Ethan, age 5

Hugs! - Ashley, age 4

She lets us do fun things & reads us books & gives nice stuff to u.s - Rachel, age 5

What is one thing your Mommy always says to you?

Put your plate on the counter. - Ashley, age 4

Brush your teeth & get ready for bed & it's time to wake up. - Rachel, age 5

Stop talking about American Girl Dolls!! & do your homework. - Lily, age 7

Be nice. - Ethan, age 5

No & maybe & after that she says I will think about it or u can get it from grandma. - Kerlinda, age 7

Yes! - Logan, age 4 1/2

I love you everyday. - Kieran, 4

No more TV today! - Olivia, age 8

I'm taking away your IPod. - Cameron, age 6

Listen, No whining and crying and no screaming. - Raine, age 5

"Please stop that" and "dont touch it". - Malique, age 7

Cook, go play .- Jaedyn, age 4

Cooking. - J'Nyiah, age 4

I love you. - Julia, age 7

I love you & I hope you have a good day. - Ainsleigh, age 8

I love you. - Jax, age 8

Watch out for cars when I go outside. - Jasper, age 5

I love you sweetie. - Peyton, age 4

What is your Mommy not very good at?

French! - Kerlinda, age 7

Throwing. - Logan, age 4 1/2

You are terrible at angry birds! - Kieran, age 4

Dancing. - Olivia, age 8

She's not very good at playing on my iPod. - Cameron, age 6
Not good at making robots. - Jaedyn, age 4

Hugging. - J'Nyiah, age 4

Patience! - Julia, age 7

That’s a hard one, She not very good at playing dolls. - Ainsleigh, age 8

Skateboarding. - Jax, age 8

Baking a cake! - Ashley, age 5

Saying French words. - Lily, age 7

Doing a front flip on trampolines. - Jasper, age 5

Working on her computer... she was crying about something. - Ethan, age 5

Cooking soup & chili. - Peyton, age 4

Drawing. - Rachel, age 5

How do you know your Mommy loves you? 

Because she always kisses me. - Ethan, age 5

She give us kisses. - Rachel, age 5

Because we are her children and she lets me have playdates and give me kisses, hugs and lets me come to her bed at night. - Lily, age 7

She gives me kisses. - Ashley, age 4

I can tell in my heart. She thinks about me every day. - Kerlinda, age 7

Her hugs and kisses!! - Logan, age 4 1/2

Because I do - you tell me every single day! - Kieran, age 4 

She gives me a hug and she lets me do what I want. - Olivia, age 8

She lets me play on my iPod. - Cameron, age 6

Momma gives me squeaks! (aka hugs) - Raine, age 5

She tells me. - Malique, age 7

Says I love you. - Jaedyn, age 4

Says I love you. - J'Nyiah, age 4

She always sleeps in my bed at night when I’m scared and lonely. - Julia, age 7

She always says it to me. - Ainsleigh, age 8

Because she cuddles me & says she loves me. - Jax, age 8

because she says she does. - Jasper, age 5

Because she just loves me. - Peyton, age 4

Happy Mothers Day to all you hard working, well deserving Moms!

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