Traci talks about CiCi Bean

Life has a weird way of working itself out. 

10 years ago (which feels like 2 years ago), I would have never believed that I would have two little beauties as my side-kicks. 

It took 5 years to get pregnant with Cailin and another 4 with Colbie.   First I never thought, I would be blessed with one.  Later, I never thought I would be blessed with a second.  But timing is strange, because even though I would not have planned it the way it is, I have thoroughly enjoyed the age gap.  Although 5 years apart we enjoyed every moment of Cailin until Colbie was born and then got to experience it all over again with Colbie.   

Now I have a CiCi Bean AND a Peekaboo Bean simultaneously.  As if it were planned that way.

With Peekaboo Beans, we can celebrate wee Beans, as they learn to find themselves through play.  With CiCi Bean we can celebrate the Awesomeness of girls, so they can always let their heart be their guides.  Why am I so passionate about both? Because our children are the future and I want to set them up for success.  These early years are the roots to their success in life as adults.  Learning to develop social skills through play, gaining confidence and independence through successful attempts at new opportunities.  Then to navigate the challenges of being a young impressionable girl, and not having to "follow" others to be accepted, but to be supported through independent thought and opinions. 

I notice with my CiCi how fragile this time can be - that is why CiCi Bean has become something I am VERY passionate about.  Who doesn't want their little girls to feel accepted, loved, cherished and supported.   CiCi Bean not only stands for something powerful, the clothing makes them feel great.  When you are young it often becomes natural to blame your body for the way clothes fit, this can spiral out of control with media being the way it is.  Striving for "perfection".  Dieting and eating disorders can quickly become a fixation.   CiCi Bean designs clothing so that it is comfortable and it fits with ease and casualness, but with its own personal flair.  There are a few other components to CiCi that I love, the sizing for example - we aren't a 8,10,12,14 - who wants to be defined by a number.  We are "eight is great", "ten out of ten", "totally awesome twelve" and "fabulous fourteen".  The other is we look age appropriate!!!!!  Fun, stylish, confident and full of personality, but without the skin and sassiness.  Lets keep our girls young. 

I recently read an article from a father of a 3 year old daughter.  He wrote a letter to Victoria Secret flabbergasted at the launch of a new Teen underwear collection the line will be called "Bright Young Things" and will feature " lace black cheeksters with the word "Wild" emblazoned on them, green and white polka-dot hipsters screen printed with "Feeling Lucky?" and a lace trim thong with the words, "Call me" on the front."  (You can read the letter HERE).  I think we have all seen those crazy commercials of "girls gone wild".  Okay, that just scares me to death!!!  I can't lie.

The over sexualization of girls is happening more than ever.  With CiCi Bean we want to be a stand for good healthy body image, starting from an early age. Young impressionable tween beans that needs to be celebrated.  We are here to do that....  Because they are awesome!

In love and play,

Click HERE to go to our CiCi Bean BlogLet Your Heart Be Your Guide, for more information and to view the current collection.

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Cindy Taylor said...

As the mother of a 12 year old, it is refreshing to hear someone who not only "gets" it....but is doing something in the marketplace to make awesome clothes available for these girls! The article you referred to was very disturbing in the sense that this is how companies view our objects, not impressionable young women! Thank you for what you are doing!