Join our 31 Day PLAY Challenge in May!

Peekaboo Beans is on a mission to rescue children of today from a play deficit and help bring daily unstructured play back into their lives. A way we can help do this is by raising awareness of the importance of play and encourage parents to get their Beans playing outdoors and having fun. Children need this free time and free play in order to grow into happy healthy human beans! Play is not a option, it's a necessity!
So, we encourage you to join this months 31 Day PLAY Challenge with your family and embrace the opportunity to experience some creative outdoor activities and fun adventures during this last month of the Spring season.  Peekaboo Beans 31 Day PLAY Challenge is here to help bring fun back into your life and connect with your children through sharing time together, having fun with one another and PLAYING!  And with this new PLAY challenge we are encouraging the use of reusable & eco friendly items found around the home... since doesn't need to be FANCY to be EFFECTIVE!!  

Click HERE to download your printable 
31 Day PLAY Challenge and get playing! 

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